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Jiangyin XuXiake Weijing aluminum products factory

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Cooperative customers

Jiangyin XuXiake Weijing aluminum products factory

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Main products

Floor, square and switch panel trunking

Square groove and aluminum wire groove

Operation time

April 20, 2020 day

Brief introduction of cooperative customers

Jiangyin XuXiake Weijing aluminum products factory is mainly engaged in aluminum alloy square groove, stainless steel floor groove, aluminum alloy floor groove, lamp trough, aluminum profile processing, mold opening and customization. Over the years, pragmatic management has been well received by the market. The company adheres to the spirit of "excellent quality, timely delivery, reasonable price, considerate service, survival by quality and development by reputation". With excellent products, excellent service, good reputation, adhering to the pioneering and innovative, enterprising and common development enterprise spirit, always adhere to the professional design and development concept, advanced production equipment, exquisite processing technology, diversified product specifications, integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry. Welcome to visit and discuss business cooperation.

Customer store display

Why do customers choose us

On April 20, the store launched online docking with customers, completed all the improvements, and then did product promotion.

The key words on the home page of "stores" and "products" on the first floor of the country are also on the 14th.

Store traffic data before cooperation


Store traffic data after cooperation


Keyword search display

The strength of public e-commerce to operate on behalf of others

Data proof

Responsible for customers with results

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