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[operator] Ali operation belongs to your professional Ali operation team!

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With the popularity of Ali shops, a group of professionals have found their place. They are not pure technical personnel, but they are the forefront of the industry through technology. These are Alibaba operators.

The operation is not a single fight, the team is the magic weapon for the enemy. Today, I want to talk about the best operation team.

 Service flow.Jpg

The structure of the electronic business team is much the same. A Alibaba store operation team needs at least this. Three Category personnel post : Customer service , Design , Operate In order to better operate a shop.

Shop keeper

Ali customer service

Ali customer service can also be called a customer shop steward, to control the production progress of each link in the customer shop, and follow up the feedback in the operation process of the store, as well as coordinate the handling of the auxiliary work of the operation Department and the customer shop effect enhancement.

Customer service always keeps the customer's chat interface at the top.

Always pay attention to the daily operation of store manager and art designer.

Timely reply to customer questions

This is serious about work.

It is responsible for the customers' shop.

at any time Focus on work group dynamics. timely Reply

 Joint venture 1.jpg

The customer service girl also regularly calls her customers.

No matter if you have any questions.

Customer service will sincerely reply and answer the first time.

Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

 Joint venture 2.jpg

Listen to customer service, Miss sister said.

As a customer service department, we are grateful to our customers for choosing to cooperate with us. The customer service department is an important bridge between our company and our customers. Follow up the results, actively handle the operation of customer stores, but also can be said to be a big Butler. In the service process, as customer service, we must first grasp the situation of each stage of the store, and timely feedback to the relevant departments to ensure that the customers shop to enhance the results. When facing the problems raised by customers in the service process, we will sincerely do everything possible to provide the best service to the customers without any exhortations and actively create together. Win win.

Visual master

Design Department

Design department responsibilities: for customers Personal Tailor Shop design, to help customers better display products, to solve customer needs. Design the front page, detail page and main map of the store.   Banner and other content, the Department has always inherited the slogan as the goal: Life is endless , Struggle not only , Order is endless , Never stop

 Design department.Jpg

The biggest difference between online stores and physical stores is that No face-to-face communication Customers are interested in hand, workmanship, quality and so on. Learn from pictures and words. . Therefore, design is the essential factor to decide whether the buyer will place an order in the end.

 Design department.Jpg

Customer first is our aim.

Your satisfaction is our greatest encouragement.

Hao Jun little brother has something to say.

As the manager of the design department, I am responsible for managing the design and maintenance of the Department of Ali. From the designer to the present, we have been faced with different types of customers. Everyone has different views on design. In the eyes of one thousand people, there are one thousand Hamlett. We always solve the problem with the attitude of loving design, and also hope that our customers will understand our design. "Application is suitable for products". "Practicality is to let customers see the product at a glance." this is the service attitude we have always been adhering to. We will try our best to satisfy customers, so the impact of work on me is positive. Design pragmatism according to the needs of customers. I do not want to say anything about my work and life goals, but I hope I can be more positive today than I am today. I will learn more and I will give you more returns in the future.

Magic bartender

Ali operation

Through the analysis of big data, according to the rules of the platform, store chain building and sales force improvement.

The operation of Ali is a data upgrading task integrating data diagnosis, evaluation, planning and execution, including the optimization of basic SEO ranking, natural drainage of shops, planned drainage activities, payment flow promotion and competitive promotion.

 Ali operates.Jpg

Operate It is the planning, organization, implementation and control of the operation process, which is a general term for the management work closely related to product production and service creation. In simple terms, operation is the responsibility. Product from 1 to 10000 The process.

Serious work

See the order.

Customer delight

We are happy too.

Operation professional, customers more assured

 Ali operates 4.jpg

A group of people, a heart

To achieve the ultimate operational details.

It has always been insisted on by our operation partners.

 Joint venture 2.jpg

Operation ROC has something to say

As a common technology export department, Ali operation Department has been insisting on: The spirit and concept of "trembling with fear, walking on thin ice, unity of knowing and doing, and results being king" serve every customer well. In our work, every member of our team can execute every detail and process actively and sincerely, provide better service for the customers with sincerity and professionality, and continue to learn and grow, so as to create excellent shops as the result. In life, we are a group of ambitious young people with faith and strength at their feet. They can be a group of people, one thing, one mind, understand each other, tolerate each other, be thankful and share the joys and sorrows. Our goal is to become a technology operation team in the Internet industry.

To do business, we need the team. Everyone in our team will work with an attitude and responsibility, only to create a combat power generation operation team.

" Service-oriented: effectiveness is king. "

Common business group

The whole case service expert around you.

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