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[Tong Ye Tang] Alibaba "home" the first Sino US listed Internet Co was born.

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At 9:30 on November 26th, Alibaba group listed the drum on the Hongkong stock exchange. Its opening price was HK $187, up 6.25% from the issue price, and the total market value of the company was HK $4 trillion. Alibaba group became the first China Internet Corporation to be listed on both the US and Hong Kong stocks. Alibaba is also listed in Hongkong. Pakistan returns to the Hong Kong stock exchange. In 2007, Alibaba first went public in Hongkong and left the HKEx in 2012.

 [Tong Ye Tang] Alibaba "home" the first Sino US listed Internet Co was born.  

In 2014, on the New York stock exchange, the 8 customers of Alibaba listed the bell, 7 of them were Chinese faces, and all came from the electricity supplier industry. Today, a group of "world people" witness the listing of Alibaba in China.



At the Hong Kong Stock Exchange The 10 Alibaba eco partners, from eight continents in four continents, including China, Singapore, Holland, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Australia and Rwanda, cover cloud computing, financial services, logistics, Internet of things, local life services, etc., and have folded all aspects of the prosperity of Alibaba digital economy. The change of the customer is due to the globalization and diversification of Alibaba itself. Now Alibaba is not an electric company, but a digital business infrastructure that serves tens of millions of businesses and billions of consumers worldwide.


The Hongkong Special Administrative Region is the starting point for the globalization of Alibaba and the first place of listing for Alibaba. On the first day of listing in the US, Ma Yun promised. "As long as conditions permit, we will return." Thanks to the positive reform of Hongkong's capital market in the past few years, today, Alibaba has the opportunity to return to Hongkong and go home.


 [Tong Ye Tang] Alibaba "home" the first Sino US listed Internet Co was born.  


Chairman and chief executive officer of Alibaba Zhang Yong In his address, this year is Alibaba. 20th anniversary, coming home on your birthday and going back to Hongkong is of special significance. So at this particular moment, he first thanked the customers, thanked them for their support for 20 years, and supported Ali's innovative initiatives. And thanks to the HKEx, because of the innovation of the HKEx, it has made up for the regret that it missed five years ago, so that it can be listed in Hongkong. Finally, thanks to the times, because the development of the Internet digital economy has given us the opportunity to develop the Alibaba, realize the mission of making the world have no difficulty in doing business, use digital technology to help partners realize their dreams, and Alibaba is born to believe that the society is beautiful and tomorrow. We will work together to fulfill our mission, bear in mind the initial intention, and jointly explore the future of the digital economy. "We are ready. We are here in Hongkong."


Here In the past 5 years, Alibaba has been walking along the vision and mission, hoping to become a good company that has lived for 102 years, making it difficult for the world to do business.


The success of customers is the success of Alibaba.


The listing and The NYSE was listed in 2014. Alibaba still invited 10 ecological partners to come to Gong.


They come from four continents. 8 different countries represent the global business of Ali, including global buying, global selling, global transportation, global payment and global tourism. They are the real promoters of globalization, and let us more firmly believe in the future of globalization.

 [Tong Ye Tang] Alibaba "home" the first Sino US listed Internet Co was born. [Tong Ye Tang] Alibaba "home" the first Sino US listed Internet Co was born.

 [Tong Ye Tang] Alibaba "home" the first Sino US listed Internet Co was born. [Tong Ye Tang] Alibaba "home" the first Sino US listed Internet Co was born.

Our answer is to use digital technology to help our customers, help our partners, and move towards the digital economy together.

In the letter to shareholders of the prospectus, Zhang Yong reiterated the strategic objectives set at the 20th anniversary year conference of Ali: By 2036, it will serve 2 billion of the world's consumers, create 100 million job opportunities and help 10 million small and medium enterprises to make profits. To achieve this goal, Alibaba will firmly push ahead with the three major strategies of globalization, domestic demand, big data and cloud computing.

 [Tong Ye Tang] Alibaba "home" the first Sino US listed Internet Co was born.

Zhang Yong said that Hongkong listing is a new starting point for young Ali, facing the future. The Alibaba is about to open a new journey to create the future.

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