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You need more than one website, but a set of landing marketing systems.
Diagnostic system -- positioning system -- marketing system -- promotion system -- landing operation system -- service system -- team building system
What you need is a website that can reduce the cost of promotion.
Over the years, we have been focusing on marketing to solve the problem of high page jumping rate.
  • lol竞猜 intention to contact customers

    PC+ mobile full network exposure, promote the intention of customers to find you actively.

  • Content attracts large amount of consultation.

    The consultation volume of the website is derived from good copy planning, and it is also the key to improve the conversion rate.

  • The program is easy to use and safe.

    Stable technology development, through background management, update speed, high efficiency.

  • Improve sales performance

    The content goes deep into the user's mind to enhance the user's trust in the product.

Our advantages

Many years of practical experience in marketing planning, we have given you not only a website, but a marketing website that can bring sales results.
Whole journey through-train service PC+ mobile + domain name + server one-time fix

  • Professional development team
    Team members have 6 + years of development experience, and have worked for large Internet technology service companies.
  • Rich experience in site establishment
    Services for different industries, including marketing websites, brand websites, portal websites and optimization stations.
  • High quality and low price
    We pursue quality and pay attention to cost performance, years of experience in website development, standardized development process, efficient development and cost-effective.
  • One to one intimate service
    There are full-time people in the whole station docking, good customer service is our job, patiently answer your technical problems and give solutions.
  • Perfect after-sale guarantee
    Timely response, wholehearted service, with diligently, carefully, patiently, intimate, rest assured "5 hearts" service to protect your website construction project.
  • Good reputation and reputation.
    In the long term business development, we have established a large number of partners, conscientiously serving every customer, and have good reputation and reputation in the industry.
Customized website flow

From the demand communication, prototype planning, creative design, dynamic interaction, background building, professional testing "6 processes", each plate is customized according to needs, giving you satisfactory results.

  • Demand communication analysis
    Before the joint venture business planning, we will do some research and Analysis on the market, target groups, competing products, and their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • UE prototype planning
    Only when we have a thorough understanding of the industry background and users' minds can we plan a good project prototype.
  • UI creative design
    The creative design of brainstorming makes the visual effect of the page better.
  • UE dynamic effect
    HTML5+CSS3 technology is compatible with PC+ mobile client, which enables users to browse the website for a long time.
  • Background building interaction
    Mature and stable technology development, easy implementation of cross platform data synchronization, convenient management and operation.
  • Pre on-line testing
    Compatibility of various dynamic effects and data detection to ensure that you are submitted to a safe and stable system.
If you want to promote website promotion as soon as possible, let's take a look at our site plan.

You can have only one cell phone price, and the fastest one week will be able to help your website go online!

  • Foundation type
    Want to be a PC/ mobile website display type.
    Home template 1
    Navigation column specification is less than 6
    Banner image design is less than 3
    Inner page production is less than 30
    Product details style 1
    No worries after sale
  • Standard form
    Want to be a PC+ mobile website + WeChat
    Home template 1
    Navigation column specification is less than 15
    Banner image design is less than 5
    Inner page production is less than 60
    Product details style 1
    No worries after sale
  • Luxurious type
    PC+ mobile + WeChat + small program
    First year gift space
    Home template 1
    Navigation column specification is less than 25
    Banner image design is less than 7
    Product details style 1
    No worries after sale
Choose a joint venture without worry.

Reducing the cost of promotion is our invariable design concept.

  • Free maintenance
    From the website on-line, the first year free technology maintenance, 24 hours of normal use promotion, security precaution server is attacked.
  • Content updating
    Limited to website text, pictures, static pages, do not change the overall website framework, do not add new functional modules.
  • Timely service
    If customers have relevant technical problems during the website service, we will help you deal with it within the first time, 360 degree response.
  • Bug repair
    We should perfect the website to repair problems within the scope of the procedures stipulated in the contract so as to ensure safety, ease and worry.
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