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lol竞猜 lol竞猜 Ecommerce Ltd

lol竞猜 Gongye Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Address: 11 / F, B building, 9 Taihu East Road, Xinbei District, lol竞猜. Fixed line: 0519-80589668 0519-80589696 Hotline: Thirteen billion five hundred and eighty-five million three hundred and one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five Mailbox: Website:
Joint business: Website construction, Alibaba promotion and operation, and lol竞猜's promotion and operation.

lol竞猜 lol竞猜 Ecommerce Ltd

lol竞猜 Gongye Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

The joint venture business is the only company in China that has successful experience in the operation of Internet + industrial products. It is based on years of exploration and Research on the problems existing in the electronic commerce of industrial enterprises. It combines the advantages of traditional industrial products with the advantages of the network service company team and technology, and jointly engages in the new business mode of e-commerce. We have solved the problem of the disconnection between the traditional industrial enterprises and the network service companies. We take the "small and medium-sized enterprises e-commerce co owners" as the core position of the enterprises, and strive to reach the summit with the small and medium-sized enterprises.


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