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Wuxi Nanfang Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.

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1. Company Profile: the company has Wuxi four seasons Tian Yuan gardening supplies Co., Ltd. and Wuxi St. Wang metal technology products Co., Ltd. The main producers of horticultural products processing and export, mainly for Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries. We advocate economy and environmental protection. In production, we can make full use of the elements that can be used in the original site, minimizing the waste of materials, energy and manpower. In cities where land resources are seriously lacking, every inch of land in the garden deserves our careful consideration and no waste.

Wuxi Sheng Wang Da metal products Technology Co., Ltd.


Wuxi four seasons Tian Yuan gardening supplies Co., Ltd. WUXI SIJITIANYUAN GARDEN SUPPLIES CO, LTD.

2. Wang Pu link: Https://wxswdkj.1688.com/

3. main products: pets and gardening

4. operation time: June 9, 2018

5. operators

Manager: Wang Peng

Assistant: Yang Rui

Event Commissioner: Kong Jie

Designer: Dali

Ali shop design

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Order display

Pre operational data

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Post operational data

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