[Ali] case of Ali operation in San Chang San Wenshui product store lol竞猜 lol竞猜 Ecommerce Ltd


This is not only works.
It's a marketing.

[Ali] San Chang Wenshui St.

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1. cooperation client: Nanchang District St. Wenshui products store B2B

Two Wang Pu link: Https://shop1457715666013.1688.com/

Three Main products Main battalion, white fish, grass carp, sea bass, naked fish, fish hooks, etc.

Four Operation time: 2018-3-4

Five Operator

Manager: Lei Tong

Assistant: Yang Rui

Event Commissioner: Kong Jie

Designer: Dali

Ali shop design

 Home page.Jpg

Order display

Pre operational data

 Picture 6.png

Post operational data

 Picture 7.png

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